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What is Sleeping-OUT

If you got this far then you probably are familiar with the Internet and how it is changing every facet of our lives. Internet banking led the way and today we use the Internet for everything from choosing restaurants, booking movie tickets to helping the kids with their school projects. And, whilst not everyone has the Internet yet, if you look at the profile of Internet users and the profile of the average person seeking accommodation, they are almost the same.

Many people looking for accommodation use printed guides or brochures provided by travel agents but these can quickly become out of date and are often too bulky to be really useful. Existing web sites have no real search functionality and force users to open dozens of accommodation pages searching for the facilities they need. This is where Sleeping-Out is changing the way that people find the accommodation they want.

SLEEPING-OUT is Australia’s premier on-line accommodation guide with a unique search engine and database of establishments containing details of top accommodation establishments in all the major cities, towns and tourist areas.

The website provides full information on all listed establishments, including room rates, address and contact details, colour photographs, details of all facilities available under three main categories: in-room facilities, on-site facilities and local facilities, and detailed directions with a map that can be printed out. The powerful search engine allows you to look for establishments by your specific criteria such as: location, price, and available facilities such as: close to beach, pets allowed, baby-sitting service, internet access, in-room mini-bar, aircon, smoking or non-smoking and a host of other categories. All establishments display photos of their rooms and details of their other features. Certain establishments on the website also feature "visual tours" which allow you to view them through a full 360o, to really get a feel for the accommodation.

The Sleeping-OUT multi-currency and multi-language feature means that tourists in Europe, America and elsewhere can search for your establishment in their home language and see rates in their own currency. Sleeping-OUT’s dynamic currency conversion feature supplies correct currency conversions automatically based on that day’s ruling rate. Sleeping-OUT provides the ultimate worldwide showcase for your establishment.

Go to our home page and you'll see what we mean. So what does it cost? See below!

Pricing (All prices quoted exclude vat.)

Change to: Set up and on-going hosting of your establishment pages is free of charge. During the initial free trial period we will also not charge any commissions on the bookings we send you. At a later date we will introduce a commission system but we will notify you at that stage and give you the option to continue or not. Services include the following:

  • Set up
    • Owners are able to register on-line and to load their own details, including photographs, rates and logos.

  • Monthly
    • Hosting of establishment web pages
    • Provision of direct access website address for each establishment (enables you to use your Sleeping-OUT listing as your own, personal website).
    • Indexing and database search functions
    • Provision of access to owners pages to enable updates to client information, room rates and editorial during the life of the agreement

What's next?

We have designed Sleeping-OUT so that you can load your own information onto the website and also maintain it thereafter. There is therefore no setup charge and your listing is absolutely free. You will be allocated a login and password so that only you or your appointed staff member can change or amend your web pages.

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